Customer advisory – Fonterra whey protein quality issue does not affect Biopure Health customers

Following Fonterra’s announcement of contamination of its whey protein concentrate, Biopure Health wishes to confirm that our customers are not affected.

No production of Infapure infant formula, or other Biopure Health products, contain any of the potentially contaminated material.

The traceability systems in place within the New Zealand food industry are robust and we were able to prove quickly that no Biopure Health products were affected.

If you have any concerns regarding this, please contact us at: [email protected]

新西兰Biopure Health公司在此告知所有客户:我们的所有产品完全未受恒天然问题乳清蛋白粉影响。


新西兰食品行业的溯源系统非常完善,所以已经很快证明Biopure Health公司的所有产品没有使用任何受污原料。

如果您需要任何信息,欢迎以邮件方式联系我们: [email protected]