Organic dairy farm runs factory in a container |

A Matamata dairy farming family is running its own factory in a shipping container.

The Vosper family’s company, Jersey Girl Organics, opened the mini factory three months ago and sells the milk directly to the customer.

Jersey Girl sells milk through specialist stores, farmer markets, and custom vending machines in Matamata (in the main street), Tauranga (at Gate Pa) and Mt Maunganui.

“If anyone wants to see the cows that make the milk, they can just come out to the farm,” said Mary Vosper✓, who works full time pasteurising the milk, bottling it, transporting it and selling it.

The Hinuera Rd farm is home to a small jersey herd, the Vosper family, a milking shed and the container factory.

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Chinese ‘not taking over formula industry’ | Radio New Zealand News

An Auckland dairy company says Chinese businesses are competing aggressively but are not taking over the New Zealand infant formula industry.

Some infant formula companies have complained that new industry rules introduced last May were helping Chinese businesses.

Under the regulations, infant formula exports must be made by manufacturers accredited by China.

Managing director of Biopure Health Simon Page said Chinese businesses now owned about half of the 10 registered baby formula factories in New Zealand.

However, he said that was not an indication the rules were benefiting them.

Mr Page, whose Infapure brand has been approved for the China market, said the regulations were needed so that tainted products could be more easily tracked down.

“There rules came about after two fairly significant food safety scares on the part of New Zealand.

“So from the Chinese government point of view they’ve really just looked to strengthen their rules.”

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